Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Trip to the Dollar Tree

One of my favorite pastimes is going to the Dollar Tree with my Grandparents- Whenever they used to come visit they would take us to the Dollar Tree and let us pick out one thing each. I always looked forward to these adventures and choosing my item was always a big decision.

Yesterday, I decided to take Jeb and Mosby there to see if it was as wonderful as I remember. Jeb worked his negotiation skills to get two toys instead of one- yeah, I'm a pushover. It was hysterical watching the two boys pick out their toys. Jeb had a particularly hard time, he kept going back and forth between snakes, a T-Rex, and the classic army men, but eventually chose two snakes. Mosby was delighted by anything he picked up, but a waterfilled glittery, pink, green, and blue baton captivated him. The baton and a green race car were Mosby's two choices. Mosby quickly forgot about the race car and is now officially obsessed with his baton. He calls the baton "water"- I guess because of the water that fills it, and gets very upset when he puts it down or drops it. It's pretty hilarious.

The Dollar Tree trips absolutely proved to be as wonderful as I remember if not more- I loved watching the boys think about what to choose in an aisle full of random, crappy toys. Jeb has been begging me all day today to go back again.

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