Saturday, May 23, 2009

So Long, Farewell

I'm back in Richmond and happy to be here, although it was tough to drive away with dry eyes from my home at 523 Jackson Avenue yesterday. Its done. Yesterday at 11:00 a.m., my mom closed on both our old and new houses. There's nothing to do from here on out other than be positive. The new house isn't ideal, but I know it will be home shortly. I am returning home in 2 weeks for my brother William's high school graduation and am anxious to see the changes my mom will have already made. I spent the 3 days I was home helping my mom pick out new light fixtures, faucets, mirrors, furniture, etc. While it was sad and tough, it was also fun since I love interior decorating. Our contractor is coming Monday morning to make a few changes, such as adding crown molding and building bookshelves- I know he will do a wonderful job! Before I left home I took some pictures. I'm not saying that 523 Jackson Ave is a masterpiece, so no judging- but it is perfect to me.

The front of the house from the street.

The front porch.

The flowers were so pretty I couldn't help but take pictures of them!

The backyard.

And for a few pictures of the interior, which have this cheesy border because my mom e-mailed them to me, oh well!

The living room.

More living room.

The dining room.

The dining room from another angle.

The kitchen.

The kitchen again, with the mural painted by Karla Kirkland (my mom's best friend from high school)

The side room/ family room.

The side room/family room from another angle.

And for the new house...

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