Monday, December 7, 2009

This Semester's Work!

This semester was quite the busy one! I have grown a lot in my aesthetic and views as an "artist" (I still feel weird calling myself that), and am very excited about my progress! I think I am finally getting to where I want to be- so, I'm really looking forward to next semester and the work I produce. Here are some images of work I made this semester. I hope you enjoy!

This was a chair I found at a local antique mall. It seriously needed some love. I stripped the finish, stained it, drilled many holes in it to create the patterning, added yarn and cotton in many of the holes, wrapped some areas, and reupholstered the seat. Voila!

This was a chair I found in my mother's attic. I absolutely love the shape of this beautiful antique. I simply cleaned it up (got all of the dust and cobwebs off) then embroidered these intricate bugs and reupholstered the seat with them. I quite enjoy it! I have four more of these chairs without the arms, and I plan to make a series of dining room bug chairs. I'm pretty excited.

This is a piece I did for my fabric design class. We had to take our drop cloths (the one on the left) and our urban rubbings (fabric we took out into the city and made rubbings off of various found patterns and shapes) and give them some sort of dialogue. This piece stressed me out (mostly because I don't like using black in my work, and it was a requirement here) but I'm pleased with the outcome! (p.s. This is all hand dyed fabric.)

And for the piece I'm currently working on... it will be another embroidery/reupholstery piece. However, this one will only have one intensely embroidered bug.

And while I'm at it, here are some pictures of a chair I completed earlier in the year. (I photographed it today with everything else.) The fabric is completely hand dyed and embroidered. I painted the red accents on the chair.

And there you have it! Needless to say, my mind and hands have been quite busy! Now onto more embroidery and planning for our research grant!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Good News!

Yesterday, my friend Grace DuVal and I were awarded a VCU Undergraduate Research Grant! I was sitting at my desk in the admissions office when I heard the great news! I couldn't be more thrilled! Grace and I have always had homework parties and frequently bounce creative ideas off of each other, but I am super excited to actually be working WITH her!

Here's a description of our project:

Eco-Chic: Recycled Fashion In this collaborative project, a Sculpture + Extended Media and a Craft/Material Studies student, marry their love affair with fabric. The central theme of this project will be to take pre-existing fabrics such as curtains, upholstery or sheets from second-hand shops and transform them into new and original fabrics which will then be used to create a collection of one-of-a-kind clothing. The fabric and garment design will be inspired by the aesthetic of antique furniture. Varying dye techniques will be used, as will embellishing with embroidery, beading and buttons. A series of unique garments will be created drawing inspiration from the lines and shapes of intricate furniture.
Grace Johnston, Sculpture + Extended Media
Anne Douglas Shaw, Craft/Material Studies
Award: $1,800
Faculty Mentor: Susan Iverson, Craft/Material Studies”

So, get ready everyone, for an amazing fashion show in Richmond, VA in May 2010! There couldn't be a more perfect way to end my college career!