Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trevor Mikula

Even though this blog is really about my life, I try to point it towards art as often as possible. I woke up really early this morning and have been playing some serious internet (Evan and I's term for surfing the web) and revisite Trevor Mikula's website. Trevor is a family friend who I had the priviledge of spending some time with him last summer during my internship at HA Gallery in Nashville, Tennesse. I met Trevor several years ago and since the first time I have lai eyes on his work I have been obsessed. He's incredible- he paints fun, whimsical pictures using a palette knife and has the most amazing sense of color. The thick impasto of his paintings is also very effective. I often look at Trevor's work for inspiration. I have written a paper on him and his work and chose him as an artist that I would base a piece off of for one of my assignments. Needles to say, young, amazing, and has quite the career ahead of him. You should absolutely check him out!

A lot of Trevor's earlier work were these amazing landscape paintings- they are similar in style to his newer work but more about landscape its self. The above picture is a piece I created for an assignment in which we had to relate to an artist and his or her concept. This absolutely is not one of my favorite pieces or even a piece I am very proud of... But, I really love the idea the Trevor creates an 2-D environment in which the viewer can get lost. Here, an ideal environment within my ideal environment- home and the mountains. I would love to try to do a similar project to this again, however with a different approach (we were required to used glass for the assignment) and use a better color palette.

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