Friday, May 29, 2009


It seems as though eveytime I babysit overnight for Mosby and Jeb something goes wrong with my car. Yesterday, as I was driving to work, I noticed that my car suddenly got VERY loud- it sounded like a race car- I get to work and realize my entire muffler "system" is three inches from the ground. Great. So I panick all during work about where to take my car, how to get it there since I had to go pick the boys up from school right after work, etc. Thanks to some help from people at work, I figured it all out. When the evening came and it was time to execute my plan to get my car, I called the neighbor who said she'd come watch the boys while I did what I needed to do. She said she'd be over shortly- two and a half hours and several unanswered phone calls go by and the neighbor is no where to be found.Ugh. At this point, its too late for my work friends to help me out so my friend Ashley comes to the rescue. At 8:30 (the boys bed time) I load them up into my race car and drive 20 minutes to the mechanic in the middle of nowhere. Once we finally get there, I do what I have to do, transfer the boys carseats and head back home with Ashley. We take I-64 home, and of course, our exit ramp is CLOSED- forcing us to go way out of the way. We finally get home close to ten. The sweet boys never complained once and slept peacefully in the car- they deserve a pizza night tonight!It all worked out in the end but I still have yet to hear from the neighbor- lessoned learned, do NOT flake out on people.

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