Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodbye Holiday Weekend, Hello Babysitting

I had a really amazing weekend after long rough week. I got to spend time with Evan and many close friends, it was such a treat! Tonight, at around 8:45, I started my week long, overnight babysitting for Jeb and Mosby- I will be with them until late Sunday evening. I have babysat overnight for both of the boys before for 3 nights, and then for Mosby alone for 8 nights- so, I do have some experience under my belt with this family and others. However, I am nervous about Jeb being away from his parents for 7 days. Jeb is 5 and much more attached to his parents than Mosby. Don't get me wrong, Mosby adores his parents, but he's also the most easy going child I've ever encountered.

So I've been here for 45 minutes already and am getting a little nervous about the week. The boys had a neighbor babysit for them all day until I could get here, since I already had plans and couldn't make it here until 9ish. When I arrived, Jeb came downstairs (even though he was supposed to be in bed)- I walked him upstairs and he repeatedly asked me why I was here and when I am leaving- uh oh. The poor kid has 6 more days with me... He then proceeded to complain about a fly in his room- now we all know that its pretty impossible to catch flies unless your some sort of fly whisperer or something, so I killed it- which then yielded the "you shouldn't kill bugs" lecture from Jeb. sheesh. I'm sure he's having a little separation anxiety and that he will be better tomorrow. I am a bit nervous for the week, but I know I will survive. Please, get ready for many wonderful stories about these sweet boys!

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