Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last Piece Of The Semester!

Of my three final textile projects, I am happiest with this one. I was excited about my idea from the beginning but had doubts about my execution- luckily it turned out well! For this project, I used cyanotype fabric, which is a light sensitive fabric (sensitive to UV rays). When you place an opaque object on the fabric in direct sunlight, you get an image transfer onto the fabric. This fabric is great, but a lot of work and you have to be meticulous about the process. For this piece, I drew 5 old houses, then copied each house twice onto transparencies and then placed the transparencies on the fabric out in the sun with a protective layer of glass to keep the drawing in place. After exposing the images, I rinsed the material, bleached the color out, using trisodium phosphate, and then tea stained the fabrics. While I was expecting the tea stain to be more of a sepia tone, I was pleasantly surprised with the coffee brown. After staining them, I embroidered on each house, highlighting details. This piece is a series of five separate houses that are hung in a straight line.

A few detail shots...

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