Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Project Complete!

Only one more day of finals! I finished most of my work yesterday and went to the graphics lab this morning to photograph my final pieces. So here's one of my pieces! For this project, we used the fashion department's fabric printer, which prints images directly onto fabric. After the image is printed, the fabric is steamed and then rinsed. Unfortunately, its nearly impossible to avoid all color loss, but this image turned out pretty well. This photograph is one that was taken by my friend Johnny Utterback, he is very talented! He is a graphic design major and spends a lot of his free time photographing anything and everything. He's definitely going places, you should check out his flikr!

For this piece, I used one of Johnny's photos (with his permission) and then added some embroidery. I embroidered the desk and other details that are hard to see in the photo. I hope you enjoy! (you can click on the images to enlarge them)

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