Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Rain Song

I attended Camp Alleghany for girls in Lewisburg, WV for eight years of my life. Some of my most wonderful memories are from camp and I can't tell you how special my camping days are to me. It has been several years since I have returned yet I still find myself getting "campsick". Anyone who has ever experienced the beauty of summer camp knows exactly what I'm talking about. I still yearn for rest hour, floating down the river, lunch under the apple tree, assembly, the beautiful setting, I miss it all. One of my favorite "songs" at camp was the Rain Song. Although a string of rainy days was frustrating, I did love how much this song truly sounds like rain. Today, while "playing internet" I came across this video, and it is the rain song! If you take away the stage and fancy lighting and place yourself in an old play hall nestled in the Alleghany mountains with lots of smiling girls ranging from eight-year-olds to who-knows-how-olds, sitting on ancient chairs that have been written all over, then you are at Camp Alleghany. Oh how I miss these days...

For some reason, I can't upload the video, but click here to experience the rain song!

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