Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun Outdoor Furniture!

Within the VCU Crafts department, woodworking is the primary skill used in furniture design. While we are encouraged to design furniture that would call for other materials, our professor (being a woodworker) pushes us to use wood in unexpected ways. Wood is an incredible material with many great properties and has the ability to be both delicate and bulky. While I acknowledge that many different ways that would can be used, it is not the ideal material for all furniture. Obviously. Especially in the case of these beautifully delicate outdoor chairs from Anthropologie. I have admired these chairs numerous times in the store and the last catalog captures their elegance perfectly as they are displayed on water- they truly look like floating flowers. If only I had a cute garden or patio. *le sigh* If you do, they're on sale and you should absolutely check them out!

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