Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nancy Blum

One of the many benefits of being a student in VCU's School of the Arts is the incredible exposure we get to other artists. We have visiting artists on a frequent basis (if not a weekly basis), giving us the opportunity to see what other people are doing in the art world and have conversations with them about our artwork, how they got where they are, any advice they have, etc. The art world is an interesting, exciting, competitive, and scary world. As students, we're all trying to find our niche and figure out how to "make it". No one really wants to be a starving artist- now I'm not saying that we all want to be famous or millionaires, but its nice to have the comfort of food and shelter. As for me, I want to find some way to incorporate my art, design, and the opportunity to be creative into a career. Who doesn't want to look forward to going to work everyday to do something they love?

So now that I've rambled on I'm going to talk about Nancy Blum, an artist who has worked extensively with VCU Crafts graduate students. She has won numerous prestigious awards, has taught all over the U.S., and is well published. Her intricate work is truly beautiful, her attention to detail is truly breathtaking and you can't help but get lost in the beautiful patterns and very clean lines within her work. Check out her website, and I truly hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!

Hanging Butterflies (please appreceiate the incredible shadows)

Hanging Butterflies, detail


Butterflies, detail (and isn't this detail incredible?)


Tip, detail (is this not incredible?!)

Moss, detail (beautiful colors!)

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