Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A little over a week ago, I posted a before picture of my upholstery project and I am happy to say that I finished this morning! I had never reupholstered anything aside from covering the seats on dining room chairs, which is a piece of cake. This project, however, was a doozy. I was nervous when I agreed to do it but my mom convinced me it was definitely something I could do. After studying several upholstery books, I felt confident until I found out that they fabric I was using cost $55 a yard (remember someone was paying me to do this). Woah, talk about pressure! After many hours of frustration, an achy back and crampy knees, I am finished and quite pleased with the results! However, I think it will be a while before I tackle another upholstery project (at least until I forget what a headache this was!



*the chair owner wanted the gold paint to look distressed


  1. Anne,
    I am completely serious. I will pay you to reupholster my two chairs (almost same exact chair type as above). Email me.


  2. Wow, Anne, it looks fantastic!

  3. Anne, that looks great! I bought a la-z-boy chair from like the 70s for $5 at the thrift store a couple years ago and reupholstered it myself. It really is time consuming and exhausting, which makes me even more upset when I see my cats ripping it to shreds, haha. Your final product looks great!!!:)