Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Weekends!

There's nothing like the summer. No homework or class commitments- I can leave my work at work. I have quickly realized how much I will miss the freedom I have each weekend. I have had many wonderful weekend trips this summer. This past weekend I headed home and spent some great quality time with my Mom, just relaxing and doing crafts. I started reupholstering a child's chair for a lady I work for. Whew. I have never upholstered before- talk about some serious work! And, it doesn't help that I am completely anal and the slightest mistake bothers me. (this may not be a bad thing- I'm just driving myself crazy). But- I'm half way there! Here's a "before picture", I'll post an "after picture" when I finish!

Evan and our Australian friend, Rowan have been on a North Eastern U.S. road trip for the past week. They've been to many places, clocking over 30 hours of driving in a week! Their plans fell through for their stay in NYC, so after an impromptu trip to Philadelphia, they headed down to Lexington on Saturday for some relaxation in western Virginia. What a wonderful surprise! The Rockbridge Regional Fair was going on and Rowan must experience an American fair, so we spent some time wandering the premises checking out all the is America. As always, it was great and Rowan captured many great photos. Today we spent the day at Goshen (always beautiful) and grabbed some Sweet Things Ice Cream before we hit the road. Yum!

Austin is way up on that tree branch, can you see him?

The dudes.

Silly Forrest.

Such a great weekend with special people! I am now counting down the days until next weekend's Christening of "Sea Cure" the White's new boat!

Oh p.s. I've been wanting a fedora but have yet to take the plunge, and I'm not sure I have the guts to wear it. I took the plunge this weekend but will i wear it out? We shall see... thoughts? (i know, i know- my brother is pretty cute too)

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