Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Wonderful Fourth!

We had an amazing weekend in Lexington! Friday night we headed to Hull's Drive In- where we were sure we wouldn't get in, but were hopeful and amazingly made it in (although just barely)- they turned away several hundred cars! We saw "UP" which was wonderful- it was hilarious and adorable. I recommend it to everyone!

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed out to Goshen for a full day on the river. We brought Kenny's chicken and celebrated the fourth with some great people.

Late Saturday afternoon we headed to another river spot to meet up with my Dad, Jayne, and family for a cook out on the river. It was lots of fun- especially since we had my brothers to entertain us.

My brothers and cousin were doing this crazy thing where they would run and do a flip then land on the float in the water- they were able to do this without even wetting their hair.

My awesome brothers and I.

Evan living the American dream.

After dinner we went home and cleaned up and then headed to the balloon rally for fireworks with my mom- unfortunately it started raining so we headed home (I'm not such a fan of the rain) but it was nice to relax for a bit before heading over to Sarah Paxton's welcome home party- since she has been studying in France for 6 months!

And now I'm back in Richmond, cozy in my bed on a rainy day. This weekend couldn't have been more perfect!

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