Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Skull A Day

While looking at Quirk's website (one of my favorite galleries in Richmond), I came across Noah Scalin's work. From June 15th-August 22nd, Scalin will be showing his series of work entitled "Skull A Day". It is described on Quirk's website as such:

"beginning on June 4, 2007, Noah Scalin made a skull a day for a year. The project is at once humorous and serious, with kitschy undertones and real meditations on life. Noah took the ordinary and turned it extraordinary making skulls out of rice, vegetables, acorns, shoes, keyboard keys, bubble wrap, condoms, bandaids, and more. His website skulladay.com won numerous awards, garnering international attention, and in 2008, he publishe a book of the fabulous creations, Skulls. Each one inredible well executed, innovative and originial, this exhibition freatures a selection of the original 356.25 skulls as well as several new pieces made specifically for the show (and offered for sale for teh first time). The show features larger pieces as well as new (and more permanent) materials, and promises to leave you seeing skulls everywhere you go."

What a great concept! Scalin is very creative in places and ways that he both finds and creates skulls. Here are a few of my favorite skulls:

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