Monday, June 22, 2009

An Eventful Weekend

This past weekend was busy but super fun. On Friday night we went to Friday Cheers and saw Lucero, it was great seeing everyone and catching up with my friend Holli from work. Then on Saturday, Evan and I drove to Suffolk for Maggie's barbecue which was so much fun! Although it was disgustingly humid, it was great to see everyone and spend some time with Maggie, who truly is the sweetest baby in the entire world- she was passed around like a football all night and never cried. She's such a little snuggle bug! And for some pictures...

Holli and I at the concert

Evan, Matt and a random guy

And for the barbecue...

Uncle Scott, Dad, William, and Forrest enjoying cigars

Evan and my brothers hanging out with Finn

All of the Hanson children and their spouses

Forrest feeding sweet Maggie

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