Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let the Training Begin!

Last spring, my friend Holly and I registered and trained for a half marathon- until I got hurt. It was a huge bummer because we got to 8 miles and then my left calf decided it wasn't having it. SO- here we are again, one year later, and have decided to give it a second shot. Holly's boyfriend Nathan is an Iron Man and knows his stuff so he's going to make us a legit training schedule. Today was my first day of training with running 1 mile. I know it seems like a ridiculously short distance but I am taking this in babysteps. No injuries for me this time. I'm both excited and anxious, we'll see how it goes! Holly and I plan to run in the Richmond Half Marathon in early November- something I have always wanted to do... maybe next year we'll do the Marathon, depending on how this goes of course!

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