Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Graduate!

We headed to Poquoson this past weekend for Evan's youngest brother Ian's high school graduation. As always, it was wonderful to go to Evan's home- his parents are always so welcoming and fun to be around. Since both of Evan's grandmothers were in we stayed with Rowan, the White's "oldest son". The graduation ceremony was very nice and we had a nice low-key party afterward. It was great to be in such nice company. After the party we headed to the Marina where Ian works to look at a boat that Evan's parents are hoping to buy. They have been looking at boats for several months and have put offers on a few- but this one is the best yet and just feels right! So we have our fingers crossed, the sea trial is this Friday!

Ian passing us after receiving his diploma

Evan relaxing at the party.

And the boat! You should see the cabin! If they get it, Carol and I are going to redecorate:)

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