Sunday, June 7, 2009

Im Back, Really.

Sorry I disappeared again for several days. I headed home for William's high school graduation and to help my Mom work on the new house. It was so wonderful to be home. I must admit that I was pretty nervous about heading home to a new home, but it turned out to be great. When I walked into the house on Thursday afternoon, my first reaction was "we're having a party HERE, TOMORROW?!" but of course, my Mom pulled it off and the party was great. The few changes my mom has made on the house have really made such a difference and I am now super excited to head home and hang-out there!

As for William's graduation. It was really weird to see him walk across the stage and realize that he actually graduated! I couldn't be more proud of him but I feel old. This last trip home was definitely one full of nostalgia but wonderful at the same time. I have a feeling I will be tearing up I-64 West this summer- there's nothing like being home with your family.

A few pictures of the new house and William's graduation...

The layout is really open, so when you first walk in, you walk in to the living room and eating area, with the dining room immediately to your left and the kitchen to the right of the dining room (its tough to explain) but above are pictures of the openness.

The dining room is on the above left and the breakfast/eating area is on the above right. The paint on the shelves wasn't dry yet- stuff has since been put on them. (All of the flowers are from William's graduation party)

The back sitting room, which will soon have a nice flat screen tv!

Our deck! Aren't the views beautiful? We had to take a picture!

And for William's GRADUATION!!

Mom and Willie, and then the BEST brothers in the world and I.

Dad and Willie and then Willie proudly showing off his diploma so that Jayne could take a cell phone picture and send it to everyone in the family.

For some reason, I have been having trouble with formatting on this post. Oh well. Needless to say, I had a wonderful weekend! yay!

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