Friday, August 21, 2009

Venturing Out

As an art student, I spend most of my time on the northern side of campus, rarely crossing over Floyd Avenue unless I'm heading to the commons. This morning I made the trek to Oliver Hall for a Children's Literature Class I'm taking. It is truly incredible how different people look on my side of campus versus the more southern side of campus (southern as in directions, not southern belle). Art students have the stereotype of looking more artsy, i.e. a little grungier, more eclectic, more body modifications, etc., while I constantly fight this stereotype as I tend to be more clean cut, there is definitely truth to it. Its always fun for me hang out in the academic buildings for a bit and people watch all of the "normal" people. Today was especially enjoyable as I watched dozens of confused freshman walking around with huge pieces of paper in their hands looking for their classes- I don't miss those days. Aside from the timid freshman and the disgusting humidity, I found myself both amused and excited by my surroundings. I plan to throughly enjoy my last year as a college student!

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