Monday, August 31, 2009

Back in the Studio

I spent most of my Saturday and several hours of my Sunday in the studio and it felt great! I didn't realize how much I missed my studio time. It was wonderful to listen to my ipod, get in the zone and print some fabric! I printed three yards of fabric for a piece for my senior critique class. Its hard to believe that our first piece is due a week from Wednesday- there's nothing like hitting the ground running! For our first senior crit class, we were asked to bring in our favorite piece- we critiqued everyone's favorite pieces and then we were asked to remake the piece, taking our individual critique into consideration. I brought in this piece"

For my piece due next week, I plan to vary the size of the circles that make up the large form and to have three layers of the large forms made out of circles. I am making many other changes that are hard to describe, so you'll have to be patient and wait for next week's post on the final piece! Here are some photos of the fabric I printed:

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