Sunday, August 9, 2009

Poor Bike Tires.

Today was a fun filled day! I went with a few friends to my first watermelon festival which was fun but very hot. After eating plenty of refreshing watermelon, we rode our bikes to Texas Beach to meet my family. The river was beautiful and perfectly refreshing. After a nice long swim I hiked back to my bike with my family (while my friends stayed a little longer). As I started riding my bike, I quickly realized that my back tire was flat. hmph. Luckily, I was able to catch a ride with my dad. A little while later, I find out that my friends had flat tires too- someone had slit our tires. Our guess is that in one swoop, someone came along and slit the tires of our bikes that were locked together. What a bummer, inconvenience and act of plain meanness! I guess I forget that there are those people out there... But- they didn't get the best of us! We continued our great day with a yummy Mexican dinner to celebrate my brother and step-sister's birthdays.

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