Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dave Newman

Last Summer ('08), I interned at HA Gallery in Nashville, Tennesse and helped with the show the put on in conjunction with the NAMM conventions (National Association of Music Merchants). The show showcased artists whose work was about music, whether it be made of guitar parts, photographs of influential musicians, paintings of musicians, etc. One artist that we showcased was Dave Newman. Dave Newman lives in Prescott, Arizona and his work is captivating. My favorites of his work are his mixed media pieces which are collages of things he finds from junkyards. He states on his webpage:
"My motivation comes from a concern for preserving the past by searching through discarded treasures and documenting old buildings, motel signs, and structures through my photography. I create spontaneously planned combinations of balanced images, colors, and objects.

'These art works become virtual time capsules of American Pop Culture.'

I use acrylic paint, collaged original photos and vintage periodicals, 3-D wood and metal objects attached with staples, rivets and screws on hand built wood 'canvases'."

Newman also has been commissioned by Fender to cover guitars in his artwork. His guitars are completely playable and are incredible!

Newman also collaborated with 70 other artists to create two 10 foot tall Fender guitars that he donated to Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Arizona, (an organization near and dear to my heart), raising $18,000!

And if all of this other stuff isn't enough to keep him busy, Newman is currently working on an '77 Chevy pickup art car to drive around and promote his work. I can't wait to see the final prouct!

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