Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ohhh Jiffy Lube...

And the car saga continues.. since Friday, I have been stressing over penny pinching to buy a new car to replace my beloved '91 gold Volvo station wagon. After having the car towed home to have our mechanic work on it for a much more reasonable price than the Volvo dealership in Richmond, it turns out that NOTHING is wrong with my car! Jiffy Lube simply put 5 quarts too much oil in, completely flooding the breather box. Now the question is- when I returned to Jiffy Lube complaining about the absurd amount of exhaust expelled after having my oil changed- WHY they didn't check the oil levels. AND when i took the car to Mooer's Volvo- WHY didn't the mechanics check the oil level before declaring my car totaled? guh. I am more than relieved that I don't have to buy a new car and that I can continue to save money, but very frustrated with the service at both Jiffy Lube and Mooers- I plan to be fully refunded for the towing, labor etc.

SO- word to the wise, avoid getting your oil changed at jiffy lube. saving a few dollars is NOT worth the headache!

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