Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy Bee

I met with my adviser yesterday to talk about registering for next semester. It was a reality check when I realized I only have 27 credits left. After taking all 17-18 credit semesters, the next year should be a little less stressful, and give me some time to enjoy my last year of college! I'm feeling quite nostalgic as I only have one year left. Its crazy how quickly the past 3 years have flown and how much has changed. Aside from this nostalgia, I am beginning to freak out about what I want to do with my life... so we shall see.

I have had so much going on the last several weeks that I haven't been able to think straight! I took some time to myself yesterday and skipped my Forging class (I have never skipped a class in college just for the heck of it), and the family I was supposed to babysit for canceled on me. It was perfect! I escaped for the evening to Poquoson. Evan and Austin were already there visiting their Dad, Jeff who had a hip replacement on Monday. It was great to see Jeff and know that he is doing well and is in good spirits. We had a delicious enchilada dinner, and it was wonderful to be in such good company! Last night's escape was exactly what I needed! However, I am still anxious for next Tuesday to come so that I can turn my in two big projects and have a day or two to recuperate before the next assignments come rolling in! I promise to post pictures of my pieces!!

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