Friday, March 6, 2009

Car Troubles

Needing an oil change 500 miles ago, I decided I'd be a good girl and take some time out of my morning off to head to jiffy lube and get a quick oil change... the quick oil change turned into my car expelling so much smoke out of the back exhaust pipe that I couldn't even see the car behind me. After returning to jiffy lube twice with the same complaint, they sent me on to the Volvo dealership, promising to pay for any damage that had been done. Volvo took a look at my car and found the problem (which jiffy lube apparently didn't cause... shucks. i was looking for them to cover my bill) and many other problems. The volvo dealership found over $1000 worth of problems. yipee! so. my 20 minute oil change turned into an all day $1000 affair. im getting a second opinion, and fixing the car... hopefully to move on to bigger and better cars!

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