Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Great Advice from a Fellow Blogger

One of my favorite blogs to read is 500 Pieces of Prudent Advice for My Baby Daughter. This blog isn't updated that frequently, but when it is, there's always great advice that most people probably overlook. Some of my favorites...

#203 Return your shopping cart.

Abandoning your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot implies a sense of entitlement. Someone has to put it away, that someone should be you.

#202 Accept the invitation.

Just go! Go visit your Peace Corps friend volunteering in Guatemala; go wear a fancy dress to the Daytime Emmys; go chat with the boys at the Ghanaian Soccer Academy benefit. When you get an invitation to do something out of the ordinary see it as a little microcosm of life’s possibilities and say “yes” even if you’re tired, nervous, or uncertain. At least when you’re older you'll be able to reflect on your adventures instead of regretting the shiny bubbles of opportunity that floated away while you were moored to the couch.

#201 There’s no need to give disclaimers.

When you present your work (a research paper, a painting, a song) don’t be tempted to qualify it beforehand with a verbal laundry list of possible flaws. Learn to fight off that natural insecurity and present your work for what it is. Let it be judged on its own merits at face value, then critique it afterward with feedback from the group.

#200 Only take what you need.

When things are free, it’s easy to overindulge. If you take ten bananas because the bananas are free, you’ll likely end up with eight rotten bananas covered in flies while another person is left tragically bananaless. Take what you’re going to use and leave the rest for someone else.

#199 Wear bikinis while you can!

There will come a day you realize that you’ve traded in your youthful body for a whole other one; you’ll look down at yourself and think “When did this happen?” That’s the day a bikini stops being appropriate. Don’t worry about that day – I promise by the time you get there you really won’t mind – and in the meantime have a blast in adorable two-pieces.

So please, read, enjoy, and learn from this great blog!

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