Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Cakes!

My poor computer has been super slow lately, so in hopes of speeding things up, I went through all of my photos and deleted many of them. Going through them brought back many wonderful memories and I found myself laughing out loud more than once. I thought it would be fun to post all of the birthday cakes I have pictures of that I have made for people, since it has become my specialty! (these pictures are in no particular order- I'm still figuring out the blogging format, etc)

Evan's 24th, March 2009
he's super into skating these days and I though the tie-dye was really fun!

Chelsea's 21st, February 2009
Because Chelsea likes flowers? I don't know, it was girlie and included yummy candy

Matt's 23rd, September 2008
Sorry for the sideways photo- Matt picked cello up really quickly and he's amazing- why not have a cello on his cake?

Emily's 21st, September 2008
Just a fun party cake! We had lots of bling party favors in honor of Emily's amazing jewelry designs!

Aaron's 21st, July 2008
What college guy doesn't love PBR? It seemed fitting for my BFF's 21st.

Chelsea's 20th, February 2008
Again, flowers are great, and I thought Chels deserved a pretty cake!

Arielle's 20th, December 2007
A peace sign made out of Reeses, what wouldn't Arielle love about this?

Ashley's 22nd, February 2008
For a cute girlie-girl!

Erin's 20th, December 2007
Anyone who knows Erin knows that she's more than obsessed with her cat, Daphne- it only seemed right to have a cake with Daph's paw prints.

David's 23rd, January 2008
Evan is mostly responsible for this one- I just helped a little. David loves vikings!

Ben (Mykul's) 21st, December 2007
Mykul loves bikes, so why not bake him a bike cake that looks just like his beloved bike?

Emily's 20th, September, 2007
Long before her birthday, Em told me that all she wanted was a "hot now" donut cake from Krispy Kreme- given that they don't exist, I did my best.

William's 17th, August 2007
William love's golf!

Jake and Aaron's 20th, July 2007
For some reason, these boys were determined to have a race car cake, Chelsea and I did just that!

Sarah (Patty's) 20th, November 2007
Because Patty love's music, especially piano.

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