Sunday, November 8, 2009

Taylor Swift, Again

Most people who know me know that I really love Taylor Swift, I might even be her biggest fan... anyways. She's coming to Charlottesville on March 20th! I've been super excited about it for weeks. My sweetheart Evan, graciously sat by the computer this past Friday morning (I was in class) until 10am when tickets went on sale. I had complete faith in Evan, as I know that he is very much experience in concert ticket purchasing... however, it seems as if we were not prepared to compete with all of the Taylor's tween fans who have joined her fan club, etc., therefore allowing them to buy tickets early. Needless to say, even at the very moment tickets went on sale, Evan could not get two seats together in the ENTIRE arena (which seats THOUSANDS). Hmph. We could still go and buy tickets at $300 each for the nosebleed section, but I am a college student on a budget. I guess I'll just have to wait until the next time she comes around. Oh, and you better bet that I'll be in her fan club- I mean, I can't be her #1 fan without being a member. Lesson learned.

Things were made a bit better this weekend since she hosted SNL. Enjoy the clips!


  1. I can't believe that! Wow. I love her, too. She was pretty funny on SNL.

  2. hey!! Its mary wilson. I heard that she was coming to charolletsville. my aunt tryed to get some and they were sold out in three minutes. crazy right? I miss you!!