Sunday, November 8, 2009

Catch Up!

Its pretty adorable how many concerned phone calls, e-mails, and texts I have gotten regarding my blog. Yes, it has been over two weeks since my last post- oops! Time has become such a strange thing for me, its something I have very little of, yet seems to pass so slowly. So I will try my very best to fill you in...

Tomorrow is Evan and I's two year anniversary! Last night, we went out to dinner at Kabuto's, a Japanese steak house here in Richmond, and it was delicious! It was so nice to have a fun, quiet evening all to ourselves. Today, we packed up Evan's car and moved home to Poquoson where he'll be living for the next five weeks to complete his Ambulatory Care rotation for pharmacy school. I'm going to miss our week night dates that consist of cooking dinner together and watching HGTV or A&E and doing homework together. But five weeks isn't too long, and hopefully we can squeeze some fun visits in.

I've been a busy bee working away at Anthropologie. Last week, we had a visit from several other visual managers in the district, so we were running around like crazy people trying to get ready. But the visit went pretty well and everyone is happy to have it behind them. We have been doing lots of wrapping objects with yarn and sweaters, it all looks great but I'll be happy when the wrapping is finished.

Schoollllll. Ahh. I am so behind in my work for my senior critique class. I plan to play catch up today, but am feeling as if I have hit a wall. I'm really overwhelmed with such a bad case of artistic block and my lack of motivation. Hopefully I will pull through!

Halloween! Halloween was a fun weekend! Our friend Kelly hosted a chili cook off where there were many delicious chili's to taste. Evan and I's chili did not make it to the cook off as we had a bit of an issue at his house. ohh well. After our failed attempt, I made fun Halloween treats that were quite the hit! It made up for our chili catastrophe! Evan and I dressed up as bacon and eggs- and he gets all of the credit. It was a fun, low key evening.

I promise to try to be better about my updates. I hope everyone is well!

Until next time.

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