Sunday, October 18, 2009


Life in the fast lane as a Craft and Material studies senior has been both crazy and exciting! I can't believe that we are already at midterms and my last fall semester will be over before I know it- a bittersweet thought. Since my last post, a lot has happened so I thought I might fill you in...

During my second week of my internship at Anthropologie, I got a major owie. I sliced my index finger on a glass hook and spent the evening in the emergency room getting stitches. It was such a strange freak accident- only I would mistakenly find a broken glass hook and gash my finger on it. Forget about table saw accidents. *knock on wood*. My wonderful roommate Emily has been a ray of sunshine who cracked jokes as I got stitches and has done the dishes consistently so I wouldn't get my hand wet. I am happy that the stitches are now out, however, I will miss my splint that was so helpful in maintaining my finger in an indicating position.

Injury induced or not, I have been suffering from a severe case of artist's block. This truly has been terrible. I have spent the last 5 weeks frustrated about my work for my senior critique class. My proposal for the semester was to rework old furniture while highlighting its elegance yet giving it a sense of modernity... It sounds like a good idea- too bad my vision is NOT coming to fruition. I have a critique on Wednesday after which I hope to ditch this idea and perhaps work on some embroidery ideas I have. We'll see what the teacher has to say...

Despite my artist's block, a few stitches, and a freak out here and there regarding graduation, life has been great! Last weekend was my 22nd birthday and it was a great one! I started the day with Evan eating brunch at The Black Sheep, a delicious restaurant here in Richmond. We then spent the day together running errands and getting ready for my Nickelodeon themed birthday party. We grilled out for dinner, making some delicious homemade hamburgers and french fries, which gave me the opportunity to introduce the delicious fry sauce that I brought back from my Utah trip back in August- it was quite a hit!Three of my dearest high school friends, Chelsea, Sarah Macon, and Paul drove in from out of town for my party and it was so nice to have them here! Most people went all out for my party, there were many great costumes! It was so much fun to reminisce old cartoon favorites.

Austin grilling some mean burgers

My amazing Nickelodeon cake, courtesy of Chelsea

Eureka, Chuckie, Clarissa, Chuckie


Evan was Rocko and his tail was hilarious!

After a fun day on Saturday, my mom drove up from Lexington for a fun girls day. We went shopping, ate a delicious dinner and just hung out. It was great having some uninterrupted mother daughter time. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend!

This past weekend was our fall break/reading days. I headed home on Thursday where I spent most of my time in my pj's doing homework catching up on Glee. I had way too much work to do to get to do the things I normally like to do when I go home, but it was nice to have some uninterrupted work time. I did find some time to hang out with my grandparents which is always wonderful. They are such a crack up! I love to sit on their horribly uncomfortable futon and listen to all that they have to tell me as they offer me food every 3 minutes. They are just so sweet.

Friday evening, I headed east to Poquoson, stopping in Richmond to pick up Evan. This weekend was the annual Seafood Festival in Poquoson, an event that we couldn't miss! Although it was freezing and wet, the seafood festival was great and it was a lot of fun hanging out with family and friends. We went and saw Where the Wild Things Are and I must say that I was a little disappointed. I guess it wasn't what I expected. I don't know, it was strange.

And now I'm back in my cold apartment overwhelmed by all of the work I planned to do but didn't this weekend. Such is life. Back to the grind stone tomorrow!

Until next time!

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